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Head of Housing Strategy and Services

“At Havering I have the chance to implement some of the ideas I’ve had over the 10 years that I’ve been working in housing.

In my role, I can step back and think about what we’re doing and why. I’ve been tasked with helping us decide what types of houses we should build over the next 20 years. It’s not all about knocking things down and starting again. Sometimes it’s about being creative with what we have.

Alongside our insight team, we’ve been able to use algorithms and various parameters to identify who is the most at risk from the cost of living crisis.

The biggest challenge for me and my team is developing a more preventive strategy. That means approaching people that don’t know they’re in trouble. It takes curiosity and compassion. And it’s a real shift in mindset — using data to help us to plan ahead, and not just be reactive.”


Director of Children’s Services

“We want all children and young people who live in Havering to have the best start in life so that they can achieve great things. I oversee the Social Care Academy, which looks at all of the training, learning and development of everyone in children’s services, and adults as well.

I came across Havering when I was an inspector, and was really impressed by their model of practice. It’s very much about relationships, making sure that you build those relationships, and help people to help themselves.

No day is the same in children’s social work or Children’s Services. I get to meet some really inspiring children and young people. Our Star Awards recognise the amazing things our colleagues have achieved. And we are proud to host a similar event for our children. From making the football team, to completing A-levels, it’s about celebrating every achievement that they make, as you would as a good parent. And it is a very joyful occasion.


I’m amazed by the resilience of my staff teams. Every day, you will see smiling faces. There’s always people around to support and help.”

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Assistant Director Bereavement and Registration

“I’ve been at Havering Council for 28 years in many different roles and I can honestly say I’ve had a fantastic career here. Different opportunities came along, and I grasped them. I work with great people who all share a passion for excellent customer service. We all pull together, and pull each other up. Driven and committed to do the best job possible.

I know that if I’m not 100% sure what to do with an issue, there will always be somebody that I can go to to bounce off ideas. Nobody’s ever on their own. And if you work hard, there are so many ways to succeed here.

I manage the cemeteries, crematorium and the registration office for births, deaths and marriages. And I take heart in the fact that we’re delivering a high class service, at a really emotional time in someone’s life. It’s a privilege to get to do that. In response to the cost of living crisis, we’ve brought out the Cosy Ceremony – a downsized option that’s enabled people to afford to get married now, rather than put it off completely.

Many of our residents are looking for a greener way to be laid to rest. One that brings them closer to nature. So, we’re developing eco-friendly woodland areas to give them the peace and tranquillity they are searching for.


Head of Innovations and Improvement

“Much of what we try to achieve is by listening and learning. Havering isn’t an island. So, we look at what’s going on around the country – seeking out the best of the best so we can innovate and implement initiatives locally. We’re able to go out and attend events and conferences, where we can identify what’s working, and then bring it home. Not everything we do succeeds. But we’re not we’re not afraid of trying. It’s the only way to move forward.

From being there for domestic abuse victims, all the way through to installing boilers, library services, education and children’s social care, all the way through to housing and caregiver services. Whatever part you play, it all begins with relationships. So whether it’s a social worker having a conversation with a school, or a parent about safeguarding, we have the same approach. Getting on well, and understanding each other’s perspectives to build something better. ”